Kauff's Transportation - Our HistoryOur company was founded in 1969 by brothers Howard and Richard Kauff as a light duty towing and recovery provider to motor clubs and local police agencies.

The two brothers, operating out of their service station in Lake Park, quickly understood there was great demand in the community for a quality service company that could provide the motoring public and the numerous police, fire and local municipal governments with peace of mind in their time of need.

Over the next 28 years the Kauff group of companies has grown to eight terminals located throughout South Florida and continues to gain the respect and trust of their varied customer base. Uncompromising service and dedication to all customers allowed the brothers to leverage the Kauff's brand as the benchmark for customer expectations. As the leader in their field, Kauff's quickly grew to one of the largest service providers in the nation. The company has been recognized on a national level as the leading commercial service provider offering 24-hour coverage for commercial carriers virtually anywhere in North America.

The company's relationship with other towing and recovery service providers, as well as its status as one of the founding companies in both the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida and the Towing and Recovery Association of America, has enabled Kauff's to provide competent dedicated service anywhere in North America.

In the 1990's as the fleet expanded and became more varied in application and capacities, the Kauff management group recognized the advantages they could provide commercial customers with specialized loading and transportation of permitable oversize equipment and specialized sensitive goods. Over the years we have transported locally and nationally heavy equipment, aircraft, satellites, motor coaches, exotic autos and sensitive loads for nationally recognized zoos and game preserves.

During a brief period of consolidation in the towing and recovery industry in the late 1990's, Kauff's was the model for the largest of the consolidators (RoadOne, Inc.).

In 2003 Kauff’s was purchased by Geoff Russell and with the guidance of Richard Kauff, the company returned to the principles and dedication that the company had been founded on in 1969.

We are proud today of our founders, our employees' experience, our 40 plus years of serving the motoring public and our history as a whole.

Today, under the leadership of President Geoff Russell, our company strives to be the elite force in our industry in every area.

We fully expect to exceed your expectations.