A Look Into The Heavy Haul Miami Business

It is important to find a heavy haul trucking expert that specializes in this kind of field. The vehicles that need heavy haul services are too large in size to be left in the hands of regular haul trucks. Transporting these heavy trucks and equipments usually occupy two lanes of a road. Kauff’s Transportation Systems has been in the field of heavy haul trucking for many years. With their years of being in the business, they have the knowledge on the different specifications for heavy haul Miami services.

Delivering the load in requested time, no matter how large or small the cargo may be, is expected from heavy hauling companies. They are also expected to provide help to its customers that will clear the customs check and avoid delays.  This kind of business also needs a haul truck which is specifically and specially designed for use to handle high load capacities that is up to 400 short tons. The trucks are basically classified as 130T, 190T etc. where the T denotes tons.

For the best company that provides heavy haul Miami services around the Miami and South Florida area, call Kauff’s Transportation Systems now.