Kauffs Transportation - Specialized Transport Qoute

Our diverse fleet of transport equipment can handle virtually any type of specialized transport job. We are ICC and MCC authorized nationwide and are licensed and insured to transport vehicles or equipment anywhere in North America.

At your construction site or across the state, we can transport your oversize, overweight or over length equipment legally, safely and efficiently.

For over 40 years we have been moving a wide array of specialized loads and equipment, from small forklifts, aircraft components, concrete bridges, boats, transformers, and many other exotic forms of cargo.

Machinery, engines, generators... you name it, we can transport it when and where you need it. We are also equipped to handle over length equipment up to 85 feet and super loads of up to 210,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

We also cater to special requests of all types. Feel free to call us at any time and our expert team will do whatever is necessary to fulfill your needs.